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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 5 - Sunday Morning

Jonah ran in our room at 6:03am.  He laid down in his flip-out 'Thomas the Tank Engine' couch bed for almost an hour, so I'm hoping he slept a little more before he got up and began his "Go Downstairs!" yelling at 7 am.  So, yeah, I was up before the alarm today.  It's important on Sundays to be up early though, because it takes so much extra energy and effort to get us all out the door in a presentable manner after feeding everyone.  By "feeding" I feel compelled to honestly tell you that John and I eat FiberOne bars and KIND bars, Jonah eats a Greek yogurt with some sort of cereal, and the baby gets her typical fare of breast milk with a jar of baby fruit.  I wrote this post a few months ago, in which I said near the bottom that I do like Sundays.  That has not changed.  I do like them, but they are exhausting as a ministry wife with two little kids.

John did a great job preaching on Acts 1:12-15, about the first church believers being constantly united in prayer.  It was a good reminder and challenge to be more united with other believers and to pray With them and For them.  This makes me think of my original plan to use these scrolling electronic photo frames that I got for Christmas to use as a prayer reminder.  I want to upload pictures of people we want to remember to pray for and then plug in this electronic photo frame somewhere in the house and keep it going, so that every time we pass it, we will see someone we need to pray for.  I really need to get that project done.  It also reminded me to pray more for the hurting Christians being persecuted by the ISIS.
This was last Sunday. I didn't have time to take a picture today.
I am enjoying this waking up early challenge.  It is helping me to accomplish more each day.  I feel like I am prioritizing my time better.  My biggest worry was that I would feel guilty for disturbing the baby.  However, I don't feel guilty about it!

When I get out of bed, it results in one of these:
A. Best Case: I can rock a little and put the baby down in her crib still asleep and get a little time alone with both kids still asleep
B. The Middle Ground: Waking the baby up in order to get out of bed, but she still seems sleepy, so I nurse/rock in the glider 10-20 minutes, and then put her in bed and I still get a little alone time.
C. Less Desirable:  I get out of bed and baby is wide wide awake, so I take her downstairs with me and wait for Jonah to wake up
D.  Worst Case: Working to get her back to sleep for about 20 minutes, then Jonah immediately waking up, running into our room and waking her up again, and I still don't get any alone time.
E. Unavoidable:  Jonah waking us all up early before the alarm even goes off.

Today was E. Unavoidable, and it was still a good day.  I thank God for our family of believers, sweet nursery workers, and coffee!

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