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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 1 - Roadtrip

I did it. Alarm set for 7:27 am and I did not even have to hit snooze.  Actually, we were all up by 7:15 because Karis was awake.  Jonah had come into our room sometime around 2am, so when baby girl began crying it woke everyone up.  Also, today happened to be our day to take a fun little road trip up to Kentucky for a Family Ministry Conference.  We needed to get up anyway, to finish packing and leave.  John's "goal" was to leave by 8:30 and we left before 10:30, so I thought it wasn't too bad!  Usually we struggle to leave before noon with our little ones in tow and the car packed.

I love riding in the passenger seat with my feet on the dashboard!
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Because our trip is so out of our ordinary routine, and we have to be at the conference at a certain time, I almost feel like I'm cheating these first few days.  I was struggling to make myself get up when I had no accountability.  Now, I have a huge, fun, learning event for which I MUST get up.  I need to pretend every day is a conference/a job/an event.  Every day as a homemaker with my kids, in our little apartment, with my husband, should be just as important as tomorrow when I am supposed to be downstairs by 8:30am.

Day One: Success!

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