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Monday, October 20, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 19 - More Questions Than Answers

Jonah was up and slamming doors this Sunday morning at 5:30am.  John had gone to bed sometime between 2 and 3am, working on the D-Now weekend videos for church.  So I got up and managed to successfully transfer the baby to her crib, then followed Jonah to his room.  Yesterday morning when I went to teach the exercise class, John found Jonah sitting on top of his dresser, calling the last 17 people on John's phone 'recent call' list.  Jonah is no longer to be trusted awake by himself in his room, and is strictly cut off from phones unless we are sitting right beside him. So, it was necessary for one of us to follow him.

As soon as I walked into his room, the smell hit me like a pungent invisible wall.  I decided he was awake because he need a diaper change.  I laid him down on the floor (because we have never really used our diaper changing tables, FYI - the floor or bed is just fine, most of the time, and I try to grab a small baby blanket or towel to throw underneath the kid first).  It was 5:30 in the morning, and I made a grievous error by not finding something to put under this kid.  As soon as I opened the diaper in the front, I could see the diarrhea sludge simultaneously oozing out the back, and so I quickly "closed" the diaper and carried Jonah to the bathtub where I then stripped him down and continued getting the diaper off, and then wiping him and the bathtub off with baby wipes before filling it up with warm, soapy water to clean the kid.   Once he was in the bath, and all of the diaper filth was in a trash bag, I had to go downstairs to get cleaning supplies to attack the frisbee sized poo puddle on his carpeted floor.  *This is why you should put something under the kid before changing the diaper*  By the time I cleaned that up, his water was not even warm anymore.  I washed him off, put clean pajamas on him and fired him to cuddle with me on the couch to try to get him back to sleep, now that it is still only 6:25am, and he needs more sleep.  The baby woke up ten minutes later, and I moved our snuggle fest upstairs, putting him in his flip-out couch bed next to ours, and crawling into our bed with the baby.  We went back to sleep for about 2 hours.  John got up and got ready for first service, and left.  At 8:30 I got up and put in my contacts and woke the kids up so I could also get them dressed and ready for church.  Jonah seemed totally fine.  No fever, no pain, so I figured he just had a gross diaper from teething, and was safe to take around around kids.

John came home from the first service very upset.  Our pastor resigned from the pulpit, and gave his 2 week notice.  There is a LARGE story behind this that is not appropriate for me to share via social media at this time.  People in our church can ask me in person, or someone else, because I really don't like talking about it all.  If you are not in our church, all you need to know is that we would appreciate it if you would Pray Like Crazy for our church body right now, please.

So, as the Associate Pastor's wife, I walked in the doors this Sunday morning around 9:45, wondering where this leaves us. Our Sunday School class is going great, and our teacher read a quote from the lesson that helped to center me a little bit:

"Jesus does not send us to a holy place,
But instead, He sends the Holy Spirit to make us a holy place."

Then we had a sober, serious, exhausting afternoon and evening.  We went to bed with rather tired and heavy hearts.  It feels like we are right back in the land of the question mark again.  What happens next?

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