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Friday, October 24, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 22 - 8:07 and Happy

I woke up with both kids in bed with me.  Both kids smiling and cuddly, with pink cheeks warm from having all 4 of us in the bed.  It was 8:07 and I did not care one little bit. I mean, how cute are these kids?

I thought about all the mamas who have lost their precious children and how much they would give for one more morning of cuddles.  I thought of how these two kids will grow up and not want to cuddle with me one day.  I prayed for God to make me the kind of mama they need today.  I prayed for God to fill me with love for them even when they are difficult to like.  I prayed for their hearts to be soft toward each other as they grow.  I prayed for them to stay healthy and strong in body, and for their hearts to become strong in the Lord.  I prayed for God to help me fit in some Bible time later.  

You know what I did not feel the need to do?  I did not feel like I should ask God to forgive me for not waking up 40 minutes earlier and sneak out of bed to spend time alone in His word.  I thought that maybe I would on days like this, but I didn't.  I felt distinctly like I was honoring God by loving my children well.  I was breathing in deep long breaths of their hair and their baby breath.  I was being thankful for my children while they were being sweet for once.  

I did get up and accomplish 2 of my before-nap tasks: I cleaned the kitchen and we went outside for a long time.  No laundry was done.  I don't have a problem with that.  They did both take a great nap, and I had a good long Bible and prayer time.  God answered my prayers with a much-needed 'yes' today.  

I guess this means that I failed my 31 day challenge.  However, I feel like I've been learning so much lately about how our actions don't really matter if our heart is not in them. My heart's desire for this challenge was essentially to be more purposeful in my parenting, housekeeping, and quiet time.  I thought that waking up earlier would accomplish that.  For some people, I think it does.  For me, in this current season of my life, it does not.  

I am flexible enough to try new things, stubborn enough to push through when they get tough, but smart enough to realize when they are not accomplishing anything. 

I'm letting go. 

My relationship with God is more about me making the choice IN EVERY MOMENT, to glorify Him by choosing to let the Spirit renew my mind and choose to love, choose to be kind, patient, peaceful, good, gentle, and self-controlled.   

My favorite life verse passage is Romans 12.  Specifically, Romans 12:1-2:
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One of my good friends brought my attention to this article about how we ARE a Spirit, who Have a Soul, In a Body.  She reminded me that it's all about the renewal of our minds, in order to let the Spirit take control. It was such a great message for my heart.  

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