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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 14 - Puddles

I found Jonah playing with matches in our upstairs shared bathroom this morning, five minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.  Thank God he hasn't figured out how to strike them yet.  They got moved to the very top shelf.  I read him a few books in his room and changed his diaper before the baby woke up and we all moved the party downstairs.

After watching Toy Story 3 for about 20 times in the last month, I put my foot down early this morning and insisted he choose "Buzz 1 or Buzz 2!"  at first he just kept trying to be sneaky and non-negotaite with, "Buzz Free! Buzz Free!" (3)  I stood my ground, and he chose "Buzz One."  I remember watching that in 6th grade with my family in England right after my dad came back from Italy (he was in the US Air Force, and had been in Italy for over 4 months).  We were so excited to be hanging out with dad, and watching the newest Disney movie.  My brothers were little and went Woody and Buzz crazy for a while.  Watching it now feels nostalgic.  Although, Toy Story 3 is by far the best finale in a trilogy that I have ever seen.  It is seriously action-packed, funny, and has a sweet plot. I'm just sick of watching it and hearing Jonah say, "You don't like the mean bear!"  when Lotso starts being a dictator control-freak.
This is what we have.  Jonah is obsessed.

After the video, Jonah was just running around acting a fool.  He climbs on things, knocks stuff over, pulls out all of his toys and books, and refuses to put them back.  It was cabin-fever.  Bad weather for a few days and me needing to accomplish some tasks, meant less outdoor time.  So we put rain boots on over pajama pants and he found great joy in different versions of this for about an hour:

Check out his puddle splashing Here!

I wore Karis in the ergo on my back while we were outside.  She slept most of the time.

Bible study Ladies group tonight was so much fun.  I just love meeting with other women!

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