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Friday, October 24, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 21 - Ladies Bible Study

I woke up early because Jonah woke us all up.  I had a pretty good day, despite Jonah being especially difficult with lots of meanness and whining.  It's a good thing he's so cute.

The baby is just as sweet as ever.  She even ate a little bit of vanilla yogurt today! She is crawling, pulling up, and standing constantly.  However, she has awful balance, and falls down often.  Jonah used to fall and just sit down really hard.  She falls straight backward like a crazy trust exercise between her and the floor.  Poor baby hits her head all the time.  It makes me sad for her.

Then I spent the afternoon getting ready for my evening group.  I love my ladies Bible study group.  We have 2 sweet ladies who volunteer to do childcare so we can do a Bible study time for 45 minutes and then exercise for 40 minutes.  5:30-7:00 is a delightful girl-time of growth, accountability, wisdom, and encouragement.  I seriously love them.

I admitted that I was trying to prune out my current desire to do 'allthethings' during the day and feeling inadequate when so many things are still left undone.  Then we got kind of deep, and talked about some deeper pruning, and did this:
Tonight in my ladies small group we wrote down the things we need to let God rid us of, as we more deeply explored 'pruning' from John 15 in conjunction with the ‪#‎ntdabide‬ journal. We wrote them down, then ripped them up and threw them away. Now we are looking up scripture to help us fight these personal pruning battles. Scripture is our sword as we fight against anything that prevents us from truly abiding in Christ. In order to renew our minds as Romans 12:2 asks us, we must give our minds the 'things above' to focus on, not the 'earthly things.' Done any pruning lately? Find some scripture to stand on for when you feel weak and tempted to go through the trash and pull it back out!

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