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Friday, November 15, 2013

Third Trimester and Learning to be Thankful Despite our Joblessness

Wow! The THIRD Trimester is already here!  Crazy to think this little girl will be here in January! We took a 3 week family trip during the second trimester, and it wasn't until the end of that driving I felt the need to stop and use the restroom every two hours or less like clockwork.  This pregnancy has been very similar to Jonah's except that it's less emotionally scary because I feel her move so much more, and it's more physically uncomfortable.  I taught first grade and we had foster kids almost the entire pregnancy last time, so I know I was even more busy than I am now chasing around Jonah and trying to "keep house" while we stay at my generous father-in-law's.  However, I am finding it more difficult to fit in exercise/to be motivated for it.  Last time I know I did more strength training, and this time I have done more walking.  I pulled out my Prenatal Pilates DVD and remembered what a great workout that is, did it once and haven't done it again.  I am sure it would be ideal to balance walking and strength/pilates, but as the weather gets worse, this is less appealing.  I also like my doctor here, Dr. Edith Aguayo so much more than the practice I went to in Memphis because she is supportive of me going natural, and even trying different positions for pushing/delivery.   The sweet doula, Hannah Ellis, I have this time also has a lot of experience and I am enjoying getting to know her and preparing for labor and delivery.  I am very hopeful that labor/delivery will be shorter and easier than last time.  My biggest goals are to be Group Beta Strep NEGATIVE so that I do not have to get an IV at all, which will also help motivate me to not need any pain medication at all this time.  I am trying to follow this plan in order to help with passing the GBS test.  With Jonah I accepted Nubain after 18 hours of difficult labor and being at only 5cm and exhausted.  He was a total of 24 hours labor.  I am hoping baby girl will be 18 hours of labor or less, so I won't be so exhausted, and will make it with no IV, no medication at all!  Of course, if an emergency happens, I will be open to other options.

Thanksgiving is in a few short weeks, and the month of November is National Adoption Awareness month, but according to facebook it's National Post Daily Thankfulness Status Updates.  Haha!  Last year I did these two posts (First Half and Second Half) about things I was thankful for, totaling 30 items.

This year I am still thankful for much, but honestly struggling to say that I have no worries.  I am still thankful that God has blessed us in so many ways.  The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is so unfathomable.  The longer I am a mother, the less I can comprehend giving up my child for someone else.  I am also immensely grateful for our families during this time.  We are staying with John's dad, and we frequently visit both of our moms.  Jonah adores his grandparents and I love watching him play with them (because they love him and because it means I don't have to chase him for a few minutes).  I am holding tightly to a few verses during this jobless time as we pray for direction and leading.
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I keep telling myself, "We have food and clothing, and more, so we should be content."  I know that every other desire is worldly and not promised by God, but sometimes we struggle to not desire our own space.  A few times we've been asked, "How are you decorating the baby's nursery?" I wish I could say I just shrug this off, but each time it does sting a tad to admit, "She won't have one."  Jonah has a room and John and I have a room, and Karis will sleep in our room in the rock n'play sleeper for at least the first 3 months.  We're just hoping that after that we'll have more answers, and maybe our own space.  This puts it into perspective a little better:
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I mean, what's a nursery compared to that?

We have food and clothing, healthy babies, and all living and loving parents. Please continue to pray with us for a church in which to serve.  We are ready to serve the body of Christ.