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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 12 - Prodigal Son Sermon

Jonah woke us up early again.  I don't even know what time it was.  I got the baby back to sleep.  That counts for something.  I rolled my hair and did make-up while he sat in his hight chair and watched Toy Story 3 and ate breakfast.   Then baby girl woke up and I got us all ready.  John has to be at church around 8am most Sundays.  It is my goal to get us there by 9:30 in time for Sunday School and second service.  We made the goal, barely.

We had a guest speaker today in church, one of John's friends from seminary, Josh Stone.  He did a great job and preached a very good message on Luke Chapter 15, mostly focusing on the prodigal son parable. 

His main 2 points were that Jesus came to bring the Unrighteous to Repentance AND that Jesus came to bring the Self-righteous to Repentance.  Huge.  The prodigal son was the example of the unrighteous, and the son who stayed home was the self-righteous.  Josh also pointed out that most of our churches today act one of two ways:  

1. They shut out the unrighteous - you aren't welcome here.  Our church is here to build the saints, thank God he saved us, too bad for the rest of you. We are proudly self-righteous.

2. Our church welcomes the unrighteous - we won't shame you, we will welcome you in just the way you are.  We are self-righteous people in denial.

However, he pointed out that Jesus did neither.  

He went TO the Unrighteous.  

He went TO THEM.  

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