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Friday, October 17, 2014

Waking Up Early: Day 17 - Instagram

I was awake from 6am to 6:30am because I had to pee, but was holding a sleeping baby and every time I moved, she latched on again.  So I spent that time trying to get out of bed/praying/trying to fall back asleep.  I turned off my alarm because I figured I had been awake early already.  Jonah woke us up at almost 8am.  I do not regret turning off my alarm.

Jonah was a real pill today.  He had lots of whining, tantrums, hitting, requesting foods then refusing to eat said foods.  Karis also cried a lot.  I am hoping this is just both of them cutting some more teeth and not a 'new normal.' 

In other news, I have been enjoying Friday Introductions (#fridayintroductions) on Instagram for a few months now!  If you are on Instagram, it's a fun way to connect! Over there I am 'honeabeemama' and I'm pretty new at this, just starting to use IG since right before the baby was born. 

Speaking of the baby being born, I told several people today that she is "going to be 9 months soon." Ummm, that would be TODAY.  She is 9 months old TODAY.  WOW.  I'll have to catch up and take pictures to document that tomorrow.   

These are her other month pictures so far though: 
4 Days Old (I didn't take a 1 month pic, sorry!)

It was Jonah's 2 year birthday, so I had them 'together' on this one.

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