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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ode to Pregnancy

It was an honor to carry you under my heart
Even when I thought your presence might be tearing me apart
You were a miracle to watch unfold
You were my joy to finally behold
I loved you from the first time I knew you were there
Even though being your host didn't always feel fair
In being your mother, I will always take great delight
In giving you birth, I fought with all my might
Watching you grow on the screen and in my womb
Was a beautiful gift, and my love grew out of room
Now grow baby, grow into a person of your own
Please just don't forget where your heart first found its home

The day before Jonah was born

36 Weeks with Karis

40 Weeks and 2 days with Josie -
still 4 days before she was born