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Friday, October 23, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 22. Cold Days

With beautiful Autumn, comes some cooler temperatures, and thus, the fun sweaters/scarves/boots weather! Winter clothes are by far my favorite, because most of the Western culture dresses more modestly, and they're downright comfy! These are some of my favorite cold-weather pictures from last year:

When I take a deep breath of crisp Autumn air, and it is cold enough to need a coat/scarf, I begin to think "Oooooh it's getting cold." That's a happy thought for me personally, although I know several sweet people who detest it.  Cooler days mean cold nights, and my family all sleeps much better when it's cold outside and we can snuggle down under the covers. Cold nights mean deeper, longer sleep for my husband and kids, which is always a win-win!

However, when that cold cuts through your coat and you get that bone chilling freezing tingle, it's a different story. When the wind cuts like a knife, and takes your breath away, that cold reminds me of the way it feels when I am convicted.  I wrote a few weeks ago about how it feels to be flat out 'wrong,' however I think conviction is a more serious - it's agreeing with the Holy Spirit that I am out of line somewhere.  It's not a good feeling, but it is absolutely necessary for growth in my walk with the Lord.  I cannot continue to journey forward to know God better, if there is a sin blocking my path, making me constantly stumble instead of walking in freedom.  We are praying this would be the kind of conviction that leads to repentance, a clean heart, and a restored walk with our Savior.

Cold Days - Conviction

Dear God, 

Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit to speak truth right into our hearts and pray for us when we cannot. Please use your Spirit to show us where we should feel conviction. Cut through our hearts like cold wind and show us what needs to stay and what needs to go.  Convict us of sin that is dishonoring to you. Rend our hearts to be more like yours, to stay on the path toward holiness.  Where my husband may sin, convict him quickly so that he can repent and restore his relationship with you.  When my children sin, help me to teach them how to understand their feelings of conviction, and give them a desire to repent. When we feel conviction as a family, help us to quickly and honestly be broken together, and draw closer to you as we give you all of our broken pieces. In Jesus' Name I pray,


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