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Monday, October 12, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 12. Laundry

Laundry is the next worst chore after dishes, that also requires almost constant attention.  I have read so many cleaning blogs about how you need to do just ONE load every single day and make sure it goes straight from the dryer to being folded, to being put away, and how that is the magic secret to not having a couch pile full of clean clothes.  Discipline seems to be lacking in my life to accomplish this task.

Whether you are gathering the laundry up, sorting it into piles, loading the washer or switching wet clothes to the dryer or hanging them out on the line, or folding and putting them away - ANY of the laundry steps can be used to focus on the particular owner of the clothing - so I fold Jonah's shirt and pray for Jonah. OR, what I'd like to throw out here, is how we can also use that time to pray for our entire family and protecting and arming them against the growing cultural shift toward hyper-sexualism.

Laundry time is for praying about issues with lust.

Laundry - Lust


Please guard my children's hearts against lusting for the bodies of other people.  It is so difficult to guard our eyes in a media filled and modesty-lacking world.  Help my husband to keep his desire only for me.  Help my children to stay innocent as long as possible.  Show me when to shelter them and when to let them go.  Protect my family from the evil that is pornography.  Help me to be wise and kind and take my thoughts captive so that I may lead my children better.  As a family, help us to fight against lust with your grace and power.  Lead us to pursue grace, love, and peace instead of any physical or sexual satisfaction. In Jesus Name,

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