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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 10. Saturday

I know Saturdays are no-school, a lot people have no-work, so it can be a fun day! Don't forget to use these "fun days" to continue to pray for your family - especially for them to conquer sin and to have servant hearts!  Maybe you're like me - Saturday is not a day off from parenting, which is a full-time job, and if you're in ministry or married to someone who is - Saturdays are the last-minute prep days, full of added stress. So you, too, don't forget to pray if Saturday is a tough day for you! 

Sin is most easily defined as ANYTHING that separates you/me/us from God.  Sin is everything that is wrong in the world, and everything we do that is just selfish, mean, or wrong.  Some people view the 10 Commandments as a good sin-measuring stick, however, Jesus pointed out that even when we think about doing those things, we are in sin - lust in the mind, anger that makes you wish you could kill someone - those are wrong too - sin.  The problem with sin is just that - it separates - and we can't come back into our relationship with God of honesty and respect, until we truly admit it, desire change, and turn in a new direction away from that sin - or to repent.

The Bible uses a few different terms for sin - and I was fascinated as my husband explained this to me when he was in seminary.  Look at how the words get longer as the sin grows:

Sin = One error/mistake/problem that separates you from the Lord
Iniquity = When you realize that one sin, and you do it again, on purpose, even though you know it's wrong
Transgression = When you make a persistent habit out of repeating a sin problem you know you should stop

I like how this one scripture combines two of them in reference to how Jesus completely removed ALL 3 types:

WOW! Thank you Jesus!

It is also important to remember that sometimes sin is not an action - but in choosing NOT to take action when you know you should.

Sin is a strong, sad thing - but the blood of Jesus is so much stronger!

Servant-hearts is something else I feel is important.  In a society that is increasingly self-centered, we must teach our kids how to choose to put others first, and desire to serve like Christ. He calls us to be the 'servant of all.'  He equips us with the exact talents and gifts we need in order to serve others! 

This is the last day in the 'week at a glance' prayers - so we will be diving into a new family prayer topic tomorrow! 

Saturday- Servant Hearts/Sin:


I want my kids to follow your example of serving others. Please help them to look for ways to serve others. Let them see a need and desire to help. God, please let them put others before themselves. Help them to be happy about serving you, each other, their friends, and anyone you bring across their paths. Help my husband to serve our church and our family well, to set an example for our kids. Please help me remember that you call us to be last, to be a servant of all, whether that means laundry, dishes, and diapers, or singing for you even when I'm nervous, help me to be your servant. Lord, help my children to understand and recognize their own sin. Help them to always see the planks in their own eyes. Let them recognize and repent quickly. Heal their little hearts when they feel the guilt of their actions. Help them to learn and grow from their sin, not to make it a habit, but to be aware enough of their sin to keep their pride in check. Let them recognize the difference between Holy Spirit conviction and satan dredging back up what you've already forgiven. Reveal my sin to me so I am quick to repent, turn away, and follow you. Lord, I ask you to show us where we stumble, so that we can restore right relationship with you, and walk in freedom as quickly as possible. Help me to fight my own sin before I ever think I can call it out in others.  Show my husband where he needs to repent, and help him to let go of old guilt. In Jesus' Name, 


This is the tenth post in a series on Praying for Your Family: a 31 Day Challenge.  You can go to the main 'landing page' for a list of all the days by clicking here:
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