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Friday, October 16, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 16. Pick-Up Time

When you have to walk throughout house just 'picking-up' stuff - organizing the mail, putting away toys for the six billionth time, taking shoes to the owners' rooms, clearing clutter in general from one room at a time - I call that 'picking-up.'  Supposedly, if you do this multiple times a day, your house is not a wreck when you put your kids to bed.  Pick-up time happens a LOT with kids in the home, and it actually creates a more peaceful atmosphere without so much stuff out and in the way - so it's a great time to pray for peace! I am specifically talking about peace within our home, within each person's soul.  These are some of my favorite verses about how to attain that peace:

The thing most of these have in common is this - turning our mind to prayer and God is the only way to receive the peace only He can give, but that He absolutely promises! So as we pray for peace, we have to start by praying that they would pray - so we are praying that our family would pray to receive peace. 

Pick-Up Time  - Peace through Prayer

Father God,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience your perfect peace.  Please help my husband to keep his mind in prayer so that your peace can rule in his heart and mind.  Draw his attention back to you so that you can give him peace, instead of the all the stress and anxiety that life uses to distract.  Help my children understand that it is attainable, and seek your peace in their lives.  Help me to slow down and focus on you so that I can have enough peace to patiently and kindly accept and nurture my family.  Call us as a family to constant prayer, so that your peace will overwhelm our household.  In Jesus' Name I pray,


This is post sixteen in a series on Praying for Your Family: a 31 Day Challenge.  You can go to the main 'landing page' and scroll to the bottom, for a list of all the days by clicking here:

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