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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 17. Tired

Honestly, friend, I am just flat out tired today.

I am almost in the third trimester, still very much in a chaotic life state with our move and all the new changes, no permanent residence yet, a three year old boy who is increasingly active, independent, and strong-willed, a 20 month old girl who is an absolute magpie chatterbox mimic of everything her brother says and does, including climbing things all over the house that she then hollers, "Mommy, I stuck! I stuck!" are all adding up to just wear me out! I have trouble sleeping some nights, and then feel very sick in the afternoon the next day if I don't lie down and try to take a nap. 

So today, as I think about "Lord, how should I pray for my family when I am tired?" I feel like the best answer is to pray for Trust.  When I am tired, I begin to question the goodness of God.  That sounds ridiculous, but maybe you just haven't considered the way it creeps in to your thoughts, "I'm sooooo tired. Why did God think I could handle all of this right now? Why doesn't He make it any easier for me?" That shows my lack of trust in what God is doing in my life, and my lack of trust in who God is as a loving Father. 

So when we are tired, or see that our family is getting tired, let's pray for trust!

I know this isn't a Bible verse -
but singing this song does help me think about trusting God more,
and Americans spell 'Savior' and Europeans/Australians spell 'Saviour'
so it's not wrong. :) 

Tired - Trust 

Father God,

I know you are always good, and your plans and timing are far better than our own. Please help us to trust you even when we are tired. Help us to know without a doubt that rest will come for our souls, even if not our bodies right away, when we call on you. Help me to trust you no matter how tired I feel.  Help my husband to know that you are on his side when he feels tired and alone. Help him to trust you in the midst of his exhaustion.  Help my children to trust us when they are tired and fighting sleep and obedience. Help them to trust in the fact that we know what is best for them, and loving care for them.  Help us to remember that you are a far better parent to us than we could ever be to our kids, and trust you more.  Help us to plan our lives as best as we can to try to get more sleep and rest to help with our physical tiredness. You are a good Father, and you know how much sleep and quiet, peaceful time we need, so please help us to understand and make time for rest.  In Jesus Name, 

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