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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 14. Floors

Whether you vacuum, sweep, mop, or swiffer - this is about when you have to clean your floors.  This is one of my most neglected chores, until I have a crawling or newly toddling baby who tries to eat everything he/she can see.  Those are the months I have the cleanest floors, because out of necessity, I get tired of swiping the baby's mouth for mystery items I should have vacuumed/swept up.

If the floor is clean, then our feet are walking on a clean path.  When our heart and soul is made new through Jesus Christ - we are also walking on a clean path, because he has made us a new creation! However, we often forget that, and live like we are still in bondage to sin, guilt, our past, or someone else.  I love these verses on freedom in Christ:

Let's pray then for Freedom in Christ for our families, when we clean the floors.

Floors - Freedom in Christ

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for giving us freedom! Thank you for paying the price so we could be free.  Please help my family to live like those set free.  Help my children to come to know you and your truth quickly, so they can walk in your ways and know you have set them free.  Help my husband to experience true freedom in Christ.  Father God, show him that he is your child, and all of his sin is washed clean so he can live in freedom.  Help me to remember that I am not a slave to anyone else's expectations of me, my kids, my house, or my family, but I am only a slave to Christ, and have freedom from all that weight of guilt and shame.  Help me to live as one set free, so that I can love and teach and offer grace like one who knows it. Lord, let my family find and keep walking your path of freedom.  In the name of Jesus I pray,


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