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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Praying for Your Family - 15. Bathrooms

Eventually, the bathrooms in your house must also be cleaned.  I do a quick swipe of the sink and counter often, but try to depend on that blue stuff to keep the toilet relatively clean.  Anything I can spray in the bathtub and shower and leave there for a good half hour then come and just wipe and rinse off, is my favorite way to clean that up.

In our bathroom, I am most often cleaning by throwing away lit matches.  If you haven't heard - a lit match quickly blown out is the cheapest and most effective air freshener.  Strike it, let it burn a second, and blow it out.  Now your bathroom smells like a lit match, instead of...other yucky smells.

We have a few candles, and they smell really good when lit, but it's always a gamble these days if they are really out of reach of our little inquisitive climbers, so I often only light a candle for company.  Because the matches leave a little black smudge of ash on any counter they are laid, it occurred to me that when in the bathroom we can pray for Beauty from Ashes, specifically this promise in Isaiah 61:3, which is a prophetic passage about Jesus.

Whether you are cleaning the tub, shower, sink, toilet, or just throwing away matches, if you're cleaning in the Bathroom - think Beauty from Ashes, because in one of the dirtiest places in the house, we can pray for beauty and blessing in our family's lives.

Bathroom - Beauty from Ashes

Dear God,

Please help my husband to go to you so that you can help him trade in the crown of beauty you promise for all the ashes of mourning, and a joyous blessing instead of despair.  When my children face troubles and sorrows, please help them to find the crown of beauty you offer and realize the blessings that come from raindrops that can take away their despair.  God help my children and husband to be like the oaks of righteousness that you plant to display your glory and splendor.  In all the times of grief and despair, help me to come to you to find the beauty from ashes that Jesus came to give us through hope in Him.  In His Name I pray,


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