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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Prayers for Your Family - 24. Rainy Days

Rain is good, depending on the situation. Too much rain can be dreary.  Too little leaves a drought.  Rain makes me sleepy, and a little sad if it goes on for a few days.

Rain also has this beautiful ability to wash away a lot of gunk and provide enough water for plants to grow.  Just as the rain makes flowers and food grow, let's pray that it make our family grow spiritually by bringing revival.

Rainy Days - Revival

Dear Lord,

Please bring revival like rain into the hearts of my husband and children.  Revive me so that I am awakened to a deeper level of love and commitment to you.  Bring times of healing revival into our lives, so that our relationship with you grows and becomes stronger.  Help my husband and I to stay completely in awe of you, by praying and reading your word to gain revival as only living out faith in your word can do.  Help us to praise you because you have revived our weary hearts.  Bring revival to our marriage - helping us to fall deeper in love with each other because we are more deeply in love with you.  Bring revival to our parenting because we desire to share your love with our children in a more tangible way than ever before.  Bring revival to my kid's hearts, that they would see your love, kindness, mercy, and grace through us and desire salvation and revival of their souls.  Thank you, Lord for the rain that revives our land.  Please revive our souls.  In Jesus' Name I pray,


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