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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dressember Week Two

This was a fun week! I spent a lot of time in preparation for a Women's Ministry Progressive Christmas Brunch that was held on Saturday.

Dec. 8: I love how she leans in for kisses.  #dressember#itsbiggerthanadress #youcandoanythinginadress#endslavery #enditmovement 

Dec. 9: I typically do our grocery shopping while #babywearingbut I've never done it in a dress! I got all 80s today with my leg warmers and tights. I'm so thankful I have the freedom to chose how I dress and the freedom to go grocery shopping for my family. Women who are victims in human trafficking do not have those freedoms or many others. #dressember is all about shedding light on injustice and providing freedom. Please join us by donating via the link in my profile. #itsbiggerthanadress #IJM #youcandoanythinginadress#endslavery #enditmovement 
#endtrafficking  #C2CmeetsDressember

Dec. 10: I'd say I've gotten my mileage out of this dress. Someone tonight said, "Hey, you wore that dress a few days ago." Yes, yes I did. That's what happens when you commit to wearing dresses for a month before you consider how many functional dresses you own. Also, I am having Jean Withdrawals, so if you are a lady and you catch me staring at your rear end, I promise I'm admiring your pants, not really thinking beyond that. I'm missing my jeans, while millions of women around the world are desperately missing their freedom, missing their lives, missing their families. What or who are you missing tonight? Can you imagine if you were missing it ALL? Consider donating to #dressember to fight this global epidemic. If you're sick of these posts, donate more, because the faster I reach my goal, the faster I'll stop posting pictures of me in a dress, that I already wore this week. #itsbiggerthanadress#youcandoanythinginadress #endslavery#enditmovement
#endtrafficking #IJM

Dec 11: On the right, the movie 'Taken' shows a lot of realistic violence and human trafficking. So much that the first time I saw it, I felt sad and sick the rest of the day, and I felt haunted for weeks by the images of girls given drugs and forced into prostitution. That really exists. That really happens. In this country as well! Some estimates say that up to 80% of human trafficking is for sexual exploitation. The movie 'Taken' has one amazing father who conveniently has ex-military special spy training skills enough to track down and save his daughter. What about the other 20 Million girls? Who will save them? International Justice Mission does just that. Would you consider being Liam Neeson for a girl in need by donating a few dollars? {Obligatory dress picture on the left: I didn't go anywhere today, so I didn't feel the need to swap out for a new dress. I wear leggings or yoga pants and a long sleeve t shirt under this anyway, so it only really gets dirty when the kids wipe their noses/hands/faces on it.} #dressember #itsbiggerthanadress#youcandoanythinginadress #endslavery#enditmovement
#endtrafficking #IJM #sureyoucanbeliamneeson

Dec. 12: Still wearing dresses to help bring awareness to the evil of human trafficking.
Did you know that the majority of trafficking victims are between 18-24 years old?
Do you have family or friends in that age range? Do you remember when you were 18-24?
Think about the things that happened in your life in that time period.
I went to college, got married, and began my career in teaching. I can't imagine where I'd be if I had been kidnapped/sold instead. Link in profile. #dressember#itsbiggerthanadress #youcandoanythinginadress#endslavery #enditmovement
#endtrafficking #IJM

Dec. 13: Thanking God for a wonderful morning with lots of sweet ladies!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Christmas Brunch today!
Left side pic shows the proof of wearing a dress for #Dressember and the right shows one of my other new favorite ministry pieces, this gorgeous necklace from @projecthazina !
Did you know that International Justice Mission accounts for all the money you give?
Check out the webpage for how they bring freedom for the helpless and persecute those who capture the innocent. Project Hazina provides a woman with a job and an orphan with a blanket or pillow. #give #orphans#itsbiggerthanadress #youcandoanythinginadress#endslavery #enditmovement
#endtrafficking #dressedforafight #shopwithpurpose

I was very excited about these new leggings and the new necklace.  I did have a lot of fun at the women's ministry event! It felt short lived though, because late that night Jonah came down with the stomach virus and was up from 1 am to 8 am throwing up every half hour.  It was pitiful! It was so bad the next day recovering with him, that I did not put on the dress I had laid out to wear to church, since I was staying home.
I got busy with him and washing loads of laundry that he had thrown up on, and I just kind of forgot to go find another dress. So on December 14, I did not wear a dress.  I felt very guilty when I realized it several hours later, but was still too tired and busy to stop and figure out which one to put on.

If you feel led to give, please check out the campaign page here

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