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Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Small

I really enjoy linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and a hundred-something other bloggers to write for just 5 minutes on a given word.  You can learn more about it and participate here!

This week's word is Small.


I feel small when I stand in the sand and ocean waves splash against my feet.

I always wanted to be smaller than I actually was, ever since 3rd grade when I was head taller than my class and going to get training bras with my mom at the BX.
I never appreciated being 5'8" until my husband said "I'd never marry a woman shorter than 5'7" because I want tall kids." Hahaha!  I decided then that being small would have been overrated.

I feel small when I think about how great God is and all that he has so willingly, so lovingly, so sacrificially done for me, little, lowly, awful me.  Then I feel big and special when I think about His love and grace and parenthood being for me.  I am his adopted child, and I love it.

I feel small when I think about this little life growing in my belly. Belly baby #2 is only 18 weeks along, and I feel her move a lot (I think it's a her, we won't find out a few more weeks).  She is so small for now, but in the blink of an eye she'll be big like her brother, who runs away from diaper changes and laughs and throws food on the floor, and climbs up furniture just to jump off.  He's so small, but so big compared to when I think of feeling him move in my belly less than 2 years ago.

I feel small when I think about the fact that we are about to step out on faith again, asking God to lead us, provide for us, and this time really seeking for him to PLANT us somewhere permanent.  Being jobless is scary, and makes me feel small in this big, expensive world, but I know that His plans are always greater and better than our own, and we have never gone jobless or hungry before.

Life feels small sometimes, and I think it's supposed to so that we don't get caught up in thinking too much of ourselves.



  1. Loved your post. Congrats on your second child! How exciting. It's amazing how such a big and infinite God cares for each tiny detail of our lives. Praying for you as your family makes decisions about your next move.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and thank you for your prayers! They are much appreciated! I am constantly in awe of how such a mighty God does care so much for our little details.