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Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Lonely

I have so enjoyed participating in this link up for Five Minute Friday! You can read more about it and participate here on Lisa Jo's blog.

This week's word is Lonely.


I have been lonely many times in my life.  I can vividly remember struggling to make friends in Kindergarten in Germany, in first grade in South Dakota, in third grade in England.  I remember sitting in desks and looking around the room of students, knowing no one, wishing I had friends.  I prayed for friendship for years. 

Even in middle and high school, I only ever had 2-4 good friends at a time.  We would do things like sleep-overs and shopping occasionally.  I asked God to bring me more friends.  He answered that prayer in a mighty way and I made so many good female friends toward the end of high school and in college when I was finally able to just let myself talk to people.  I made real friends when I let myself be real and stop holding back. 

Then I was a gym instructor and teacher.  I made friends easily at the gym, from other instructors to personal training clients.  As a teacher I loved my coworkers, and valued their wisdom, creativity, and help.  I had plenty of friends for the last 5 years.  Suddenly we landed in Wabo, South Mississippi, knowing NO ONE.  This has been the most lonely I have been since about third grade.  It is so hard to uproot and move to a small town and make new friends!

However, God has taught my husband and I to truly grow our friendship.  It has been incredible to be able to look back and see where we were as a couple when we began, and where we are ending now.  I feel like we have learned to appreciate, value, and have fun with each other like never before.  We are very lonely here, and have struggled with this.  However, we live with our best friend: each other.  I am so blessed to be married to a man who seeks God's will for our lives. He is a spiritual leader, and the best father I could hope for my children.  I prayed for friends for years, and then God let me marry the best friend I would ever need. 


I wasn't expecting the post to go that way, but once I started writing about our loneliness down here, I couldn't help but write about our relationship.  I am pleasantly surprised by how God once again has turned something negative into a blessing. John has been so supportive and helpful, especially through this pregnancy lately!
Engagement picture - September 2008
Holding our Seminary accomplishments - the day before Jonah was born.

February 2013 - First date in a long time


  1. Loneliness sucks when you look at it that way. I keep moving and I always find myself in new towns with no friends! But I look at it like a new adventure. and try to enjoy the time I have to myself. If I let it get to me, I will probably go crazy, and hate life.
    I'm glad John is such a great friend, and supports you all the time. And I'm excited you will get some break from all the work and come visit us! It's gonna be a blast! <3 love you!

    1. A new adventure is a great perspective on moving!
      I am thrilled beyond belief to be visiting you guys in September! I can't wait! I love you too!

  2. OMGSH!! Yalls engagement pic is ADORABLE. I love reading your posts and I totally agree about being lonely, it's hard to move to a BIG town and make friends. But, I have had to struggle in a (0 population) town too. Praying for you guys as you move yet again.

    1. Thanks! We really appreciate the prayers!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story of God's faithfulness and finding the blessing in the midst of what feels like a burden. What a gift to have a husband who is all the things you described!