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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Weeks 8 - 12

Week 8 was a little better on the fatigue front, and I actually did not take a nap every single day.  However, the nausea was much worse.  I spent a lot of time crouching, gagging, trying to eat simple foods and whatever sounded good.  I love the taste and feel of drinking water, and John usually calls me a camel, but the first trimester of pregnancy is very difficult for me to drink water because it hits my stomach and makes me feel sloshy and sick. I struggled to drink a bottle or two a day. Also, thankfully, my face was not breaking out much, as I recalled some acne with my last pregnancy, unfortunately, it's like the extra oil was rerouted to my scalp instead.  Hello, dandruff, my old enemy from high-school...

Week 9 was spent getting ready for our "family trip"(it is NOT a vacation when you bring 5 children).  Packing, laundry, and cleaning was not fun as I fought nausea, but I was excited to be going home to see family.  I managed to make it to my Monday night ladies workout class at church "Team Bob" where we usually do a Bob Harper DVD together.  I felt slow on the moves and definitely couldn't drink much water, but I only felt nauseous twice! That gave me hope that soon I would soon be back to regular workouts.  I so missed walks and workouts during those yucky feeling weeks.  Contrary to some sayings though, the exercise did not help the nausea at all.  It didn't make it much worse though, so I thought it was fine to probably continue my Monday class until I could add back in more.

Week 10 was spent mostly at my mom's house.  It was fun to tell my parents with the same picture I had showed John, however, it took them much longer for the message to sink in! The nausea and fatigue both seemed a little better that week, and I decided that they're both partially connected to stress.  I think I was less stressed with my mom able to help out a lot, and splitting the kids up (babies/little kids with me, big kids with John at his mom's house).  Here are some sweet but serious pictures of my handsome little outdoor man in my mom's back yard:

Then John got to be the guest speaker at a little church in Flintville, TN, and we so enjoyed that worship service!  I was reminded again of how well my husband preaches, and how much I enjoy listening to him and supporting him in that role.  It felt so wonderful to be able to encourage him and enjoy his message.  As I mentioned in this post, John is now feeling called to Pastor, and it would be so neat if it could be that church! We had such peace there.  Please continue to pray that God will lead and direct our steps as we move on from here. If that is where God wants us, please pray that the doors would open quickly and the search committee and congregation would have total peace in knowing John is the man God wants to be there.  For now, we just have to trust!

Week 11 was spent at John's mom's house, and then going back to Waynesboro.  The dandruff issue got worse, and itchy, and my occipital lymph nodes (on the back of head, behind the ear) actually became very sore and swollen.  Suddenly having two small knots on the back of my head was alarming at first, but after extensive internet self-diagnoses, I decided it was probably just due to general inflammation on my scalp and the dandruff.  It only lasted about 6 days, and then they stopped hurting and slowly went back down as I tried to treat the dandruff a little more aggressively and scratch less.

The biggest break through on Week 11 was *drum roll please*: Nausea and fatigue BOTH got immensely better!!! The nausea only seemed to strike at night and when I was very hungry, and I think I only took 2 naps that week!  I was so surprised and thankful, because I distinctly remember with Jonah that everyone kept telling me "When the first trimester is over, you'll feel so much better!" and being disappointed because I didn't really start to feel better until around week 16. So PRAISE GOD! This pregnancy already seems a little easier just because the extreme nausea and fatigue is ending a full month before it did last time!  I am very thankful the worst seems to be over, and I'm definitely starting to show.  I didn't have a real "bump" with Jonah until almost 18 weeks.  Hello little tummy popping out so much faster for round two! Still just in the starting-to-look-chubby, can't-button-half-of-my-jeans phase though, not really baby bumpish just yet.

I also got to visit our good friends, Nathan and Kimberly Neely, who had just gotten back from Africa with their new adopted twin babies!  It was such a blessing to see them parenting together, learning their new children, and figuring out how life works with three kids instead of one.  They probably won't post anything on their blog for a bit because they are super busy with these babies, but you should check out their neat adoption story over at their blog: Bringing the Nations Home.  I got to do little Jewel's hair, but I didn't have any little ballies, so it's just in the tiny rubber bands.

 Judah and Jewel are so cute!  I am loving being pregnant again, and enjoying this season of our lives, but we still feel called to adopt someday as God leads us.  Seeing them with their new babies made my heart happy.

Week 11, day 6 was also my second doctor's appointment and I got to see the precious new baby looking like this:

Cartoon Version :) 
Baby was so cute and wiggly and had these long skinny arms and legs, and was dancing and flipping all over the place!  It measured 5.11 cm from crown to rump, heart rate 170 bpm, and I really loved watching it move on the screen.

Being so isolated down here in Wabo is very difficult sometimes, and our only babysitter is our dear sweet pastor's wife.  We love her so much!  Sadly, an important WWII vet from our church passed away, and she needed to attend the funeral and services, so John had to stay home with the kids while I went to the doctor alone.  He has never missed an ultrasound before, and frequently went to appointments when I was pregnant with Jonah so he could hear the heartbeat, too.  I love how involved he is our kids' lives!  John and I were both disappointed he wasn't able to see this little baby's cool moves.  This may sound trivial to some, but for us, it was kind of a big deal.  It felt like another indicator that our time here needs to draw to a close so that we can focus on our own family more.

Week 12 seemed like a recurrence of Week 9.  Nausea and fatigue came back 5 out of 7 days. I was so bummed.  I decided then that the nausea is definitely connected to stress, and coming back to Wabo didn't help.  John also fought off a terrible head cold the first few days we were back and although I didn't catch it, I was worn out from dealing with the other kids without him for about 24 hours, and then he still didn't feel good for about 4 days.  I decided to weigh myself for some reason, and was disappointed to discover I'd already gained 10 pounds.  I know it's from having to eat all the time to keep the nausea away, and eating mostly carbs at that.  I like being pregnant, but I don't like gaining weight, and the laws of healthy medicine say "Well you can't have both if you start out healthy!" I'll get over it when I start to look more pregnant.  I didn't mind the weight once it was in the shape of a cute baby bump.  I just don't like it creeping up like a tire around my waist, ya know?  Oh well! The baby is healthy, and so am I, so I am thankful for that.

We told our boss and he was very gracious and understanding.  He fully agreed with us that it would not be a good idea to stay here with a newborn and toddler (as both babies ran around the table screaming).  I can't share any personal information with you about our kids here, but please pray with us that the transition would go smoothly for them, too. It is looking like it may be possible for them be reunited with family before we have to go!  That would be so neat! It would be like we were placed here just for them, and then when we were ready to leave so were they.  It would have to be a God thing though, so please do remember them in your prayers.

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