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Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday is one of my new favorite things in life.  We have 5 minutes to write, then link back up. Join us! This week's prompt is the word Broken.


We are all just a broken mess trying to put ourselves back together daily.

We try to use kisses and coffee like scotch tape on our pain and our needs to be loved, needs for more energy.

We try to use gossip and scrolling through facebook for hours like bandages on the wounds of self-pity, and jealousy.

We try to use big flat screen TVs and new cars like a cast on a broken leg called inadequacy, the desire for 'more.'

We try to convince ourselves this is all okay because everyone else does it, as if the "American Dream" was something God ordained in the Bible.

We try so hard to fix our brokenness, when there is really only one way to heal, to be whole.

We have to go back to our Maker.

We have to start with daily dying to ourselves and making prayer a priority over mindless action.

When I am most broken over my own lack of completeness, that is when I can most appreciate how Jesus makes me feel whole again.



  1. It is so true - that in those moments of complete shatteredness we realize just how great our Jesus is and how much we really need Him...

    Thanks for sharing your five minutes!


  2. Love this post! You are so right...only He can take our broken pieces to make us whole again. Blessings to You!