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Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcoming Josie Faith in Pictures

These are all my favorites from our newborn photographs by Christi Haney Photography. She came to our house when Josie was 5 days old, and worked hard to get lots of sweet poses from our wrinkly little girl. Catching pictures of all three kids felt impossible. Thank God for fast camera clicks to catch a few seconds between the silly faces, smirks, and purposely closed eyes!  Jonah and Karis were completely enamored by her enormous bean bag that she used to prop and set up the pictures, so it was a constant struggle to keep them away until John just left the house with them after they were done.  I was still pretty swollen from all the IV fluids at the hospital, so I don't really like the ones with me, but that's just life and puffiness 5 days after being induced, and I can live with that.  Now, 3 weeks later, I look very different, and am constantly reminded by how amazing it is that God made our bodies to house another human for so long.

Her eyes were a steely gray.
They are already starting to look sort of blue now.

Karis was really disgusted by Josie's umbilical cord stump,
and refused to sit by her/touch her once she saw it.

Jonah kept saying the sun was in his eyes and refused to open them.
Looks sweet though, haha!

We have pictures of John like this with all 3 kids.
They make me happy.

Absolutely nothing more attractive than when he is being a good father.

All the pink makes me think of her as a little fairy here.

And now she's an elf with the cutest hat ever!

Sweetness in a basket!

My second favorite.

My absolute favorite. I don't even know why.
I just love this one.

She makes this face constantly, so I feel like this is very true to life.

I love her little hand on her chin. 

Postpartum has really kicked my butt this time around. Thank God we have friends and family here who have been super helpful with our other 2 kids and bringing meals! I am overwhelmingly grateful for all of the love people have shown us in the last few weeks. Now, at 3 weeks postpartum, I am FINALLY starting to feel like 80% of my normal self.  I'm not sure why recovery took so much longer this time, but it has been teaching me once again to find my strength and hope in the Lord, and not myself.  More on all that later. :)   

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