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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jonah Turned TWO!

I love this little kid so much.  I am daily challenged in my walk with Christ, directly as a result of being his mommy.  This child demands so much love, attention, structure, time, food, discipline and GRACE.  I am learning to discipline in love, choosing my battles, and teaching him with grace more often, instead of responding in anger or fear (because that's what my flesh wants, and this whole 'die-to-yourself-daily' thing is LEGIT in parenting).

Jonah's party was fun and a great way to say 'Good-bye' to family we wouldn't see for a while.  John's mom hosted it and got him this awesome cake, that was even gluten-free so I could eat some, too! These are some pictures from Jonah's birthday party:

Jonah turned two on May 18th and we moved on May 21.
This sums up our packing experience.
Our lives have been extremely chaotic since then, and just now as it calms down a little, and I am learning how to juggle this new ministry/mommy life, I am able to go back and finish/edit posts.  I feel a little guilty that this is 4 months late.  However, I am a huge supporter of this slogan:
and my dad and my husband would probably read this book and say they should have just named her Little Miss Kelly.

  So here I am, celebrating my little guy's two year old birthday, 4 months after the fact.  This is real life, folks.  I do this to remember our lives as they are now, and hope that it helps others in some way.  This is not a job, it's a creative outlet.  I don't have time to make this into something that makes money.  I applaud and support all the bloggers who can!

SO, back to my Jonah.
These are some of the pictures Ashlea Chance at Southern Made Photography took in late December, so Jonah is 19 months old here:

From the time Jonah was 16 months old, until he turned 2, we lived with my father-in-law in Alabama while we waited, searched, and prayed for our next job to be more than a job, but a specific calling.  Jonah got to know all 5 of his grandparents really well.  They are all just wrapped around his little finger as tight as can be, and he knows it.  We don't mind much.  This relationship makes them all happy.  Plus, it means more adults are talking to, loving, playing with, and reading to him, which only helps his development! When people ask us, "Is Jonah a 'Mama's Boy' or a 'Daddy's Boy'?" We say, "Neither.  This kid is a 'Nana's Boy!"  He delightedly squeals when he sees one of his Nanas, and he cries when he has to leave them.  He did that, often, even while we lived 5 minutes away from them and he saw them several times a week.  Many times John and I would walk into one of our mom's houses to pick up Jonah while we had been gone, and Jonah would start to throw a huge fit because simply the sight of us was too much to bear, knowing that inevitably it would mean leaving a beloved Nana.
My mom, "Katie Nana"

John's mom, "Nana"

At the age of two Jonah's favorite things (besides his Nanas) were (and still mostly are):

Playing OUTSIDE.  Dude loves the park, and being able to climb, slide, swing, and watch other kids. He also likes just riding in the stroller for about a mile.  After that first mile he gets a little antsy, but can be calmed down with food, sticks, leaves, and promises of a park at the end of the run. He would stand at the door and beg, "Go Outside?" until he figured out how to open the door, and then we fought a battle every day of locking the deadbolt and hoping he wouldn't figure out how to unlock it.

Leaving the house to go anywhere.  "Go Bye-Bye?" He will sometimes ask even before eating breakfast.  He always asks after breakfast.  If we don't go anywhere all morning, he wakes up from his nap hollering, "Go BYE BYE!!!!!" Of course, at least 40% of the time we left the house, we were going to one of the nana's houses, which could have something to do with this.

Chick-fil-A, specifically the play area, which has been a wonderful alternative on very cold mornings, and was a great place for John to take Jonah so I could nap with the newborn (who is not such a newborn anymore.)  She was born when Jonah was 20 months old, so from 20-24 months for him, he and Daddy spent a LOT of time together, which leads me to:

Daddy-Jonah Outings.  This most often meant get up, go straight to Chick-fil-A, eat breakfast there and play for a while, then go to Lowe's and get some wood or tools or something, then maybe stop at the park and come home in time for lunch and a nap.  Other times this meant that Jonah would eat breakfast at home, then John would immediately take him running in the stroller, then let him play at the park.  Either way, Jonah was ready at all times for one of these to happen.  Mommy loved it because it meant extra sleep, or time to pump, or blog, or do a load of laundry.

Reading.  Jonah's favorite books are these "Look-and-Find" books or the "Lift-the-Flap" books.  He knows where everything is, and wants to find all the items on every single page and then just move on to another book.  I've been asking him to find other things in the pictures lately to challenge him, and he really enjoys searching for new items.

Thomas the Tank Engine and ALL other characters involved in that series.  Little dude knew names/colors/numbers of at least 10 trains before he turned two.  He watched Thomas on PBS every day at 11:30, then would eat lunch and take a nap.
Barnes & Noble Children section train tables are Jonah's favorite.

Combines, Tractors, Trailers, and other heavy farming vehicles, specifically John Deere ones.  Although, he is now also into the red ones (sorry "Case," he just calls you the 'Red ones', your name brand is obsolete).

Bathtime.  He is particularly fond of bubbles, lots of bath toys, especially large cups and other items he can practice pouring with, and he gets a kick out of peeing in the tub.

Elmo.  Now, he is tolerant, and knows the names of the rest of the Sesame Street cast, but he was particularly enamored with the little high-pitched red monster for several months. Elmo frequently was given rides in Thomas.

Eating.  Jonah has really exploded with new favorite foods this year.  He now loves eggs, biscuits, gravy, sausage, blueberries, bananas, most fruits actually, still eats an abundance of avocados and greek yogurt, and now even eats chicken!

Then, there are some things that Two-Year Old Jonah just hates with a passion:

Brushing teeth.  Y'all, we have to sit on this kid, holding his arms down while he scream cries in order to brush his teeth.  Somedays I feel like this is such a waste of time, because baby teeth fall out anyway, right? Just kidding. Kind of.

Big Tires.  John's dad brought home a tractor tire one day and you may have thought it was a living, fire-breathing monster the way Jonah carried on and shrieked at it.  4 months later he is still afraid of big tires.

Being put to sleep.  He resists naps and bedtime as though he may never wake up.  He fights sleep, and then wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to come and get in our bed. He would also insist upon having his entire stuffed animal toy menagerie in the crib every time he went to sleep.

Here is last year's post about when Jonah turned one (also late).  He has grown up a lot in one year.  It's kind of amazing.  The thing I have most enjoyed this year was getting to see him become a big brother.  I was so stressed out and worried that he would be insanely jealous or constantly try to hurt her, that it didn't even occur to me how beautiful and sweet it would be when he loved her.

Here are a few of my favorites of the two of them:

He really liked her nose.

A close second favorite thing would be to watch and hear his language skills blossom.

He's a struggle, but completely worth every second.  I am so glad God chose me to be his mommy.  I am learning to love more sacrificially, forgive faster, and teach more creatively.  My hope and prayer is to make him a disciple, a follower of Christ.

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