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Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mess

Joining up with Lisa Jo Baker, for something I haven't done in a long time, but sincerely missed.

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Go: Mess

You mean the mess that is five piles of laundry on my bedroom floor that I waded through to get from the bathroom to the bed?

The mess that is the two sinks full of dirty dishes overflowing to the counter tops until we have absolutely no forks or knives left and you have to stand on tip-toes to reach the faucet over the pile of plates and cups?

The mess that is the kitchen/dining room floor that I sweep/vacuum when I remember to, less than once a week?

The mess that is the pile of cloth diapers in the hallway overflowing the wet bag because for some reason I just can not remember to get a plain garbage pail at Walmart to store the dirty diapers?

The mess that is my toddler's face right now because he has a cold, and so snot dries to his nose and the skin around his mouth and then food also gets stuck, and what I hope is sweat making the front of his hair look like that?

The mess that is my constant daily wardrobe of yoga pants or pajama pants with ANY top that will just open easily down the front so I can pull out a boob for this three month baby who refuses six different brands of bottles?

Or do you mean the mess that my heart was in before I realized I needed Jesus?

The mess that acted like I was more important than others?

The mess that thought for some reason I was better than that woman walking down the street with pants that were way too short but obviously not capris?

The mess that had so much puffed up pride I looked down my self-righteous nose at people who had obvious sin, while I just continued to brush mine under the rug?

The mess that sang songs like "Amazing Grace" and had no idea what that really meant?

The mess that looked at half the world and thought they deserved their plight?

My house is a mess because I am raising two babies.  My heart was a mess because I was praising myself.  When my babies are a little bigger, I pray my house will be cleaner.  My heart got cleaned up when I realized that there is nothing I can do worth praising, and I started to praise Jesus instead.

I thank God for the mess that represents the babies.

I thank God for cleaning up the mess that was me.


Edit: I thank God for cleaning up the mess that IS me, every single day! 

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  1. Amen! I love your thoughts probably because I can relate completely!!!
    *stopping by from FiveMinuteFriday