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Monday, November 5, 2012

Recent Conversations

Conversations heard recently around our new home:

     *In the evenings between John (J), the Older Kids (OKs) - don't think of them as too old, they are all in single digit school grades still, and I (me).  This is while the Younger Kids (YKs) are getting ready for bed or already in it.  We sit in the living room with the older kids, and although we sometimes watch TV, we often have long conversations like this:

OK: How do you know Jesus was alive after he died?
J: The Bible tells us, and there were over 500 witnesses.
OK: But where does it actually say he walked? Wasn't he just a ghost?
J: No, he was really alive again, back from the dead.
me: If he wasn't alive then there was no power in his death.
OK: Show me where then.
J: Bring me that Bible. (Pointing to one nearby) Let's see, Luke 24...(he reads the whole chapter out loud) Luke 24
OK: Hmmm. I don't know.
J: Well, that's how Thomas felt. (he flips over to John 20 and reads the whole chapter) John 20
OK: I just proved you wrong.
J: What?
OK: It doesn't say he got up.
J: It clearly just said that he walked, he ate food, and his disciples touched him! "Resurrected" means he got up!
OK: I proved you wrong.
J: Is something wrong with your hearing? We just read all about how he was alive.
OK (smug looking): Sure.

Very annoying/frustrating for us.  We are still praying that these kids' eyes would be open to the truth! Please pray for them to keep on asking questions and for their hearts and minds be open to receive the truth from Scripture, not just what people have told them, or what they hear from the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give us the right words to say at the right time to plant seeds and lead them toward Jesus.

     *This one is between one of the Younger Kids (YK) and I, when he didn't want to take a nap on a Saturday afternoon:

me: A nap will really make you feel better. I wish I could take a nap every day!
YK: Then why don't you?
me: Sometimes the babies don't take naps at the same time or we have to go do things and there is just no time for one. But today, you really need a nap because you're starting to get whiny.
YK (in a really whiny-borderline-crying voice): I'm nooooot whiiiiinnnniiiiiinnngggg. Uuuunnnnn.
me: That was whining.
YK: Nooooooooo.
me: Take a nap before you throw a temper tantrum and it'll be better for all of us.
YK: I don't waaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnttttt toooooo!
me: Ok, well it's not really a choice anymore, I was just trying to be nice. Don't come out of your room for the next hour or you will lose points on your score-sheet.
YK: AAaaaaaaaaaaa!

I shut the door on the crying.  YK fell asleep.

      *This one is heard throughout the day from different locations in the house between John (J) and Jonah Baby (JB), and it makes my heart melt while bringing a smile to my face.

J: I love you. I love you. I love you sooooooooooooooo much!
JB: Gghhhh cooo
J: You're my big boy. Yes you are. You're my big boy. I love you.
JB: Ehhhghghghg?
J (lifting baby high up in the air then bringing him down right in front of his face as he turns his face side to side really fast and makes the Donald Duck quacking noises): WaCghWaCghWaCghWaCgh!
JB:  (*Adorable little laugh)Ahe Ahe Ahe
J (repeats silly face wagging and quack jabbering): WaCgh Wacgh Wacgh
JB (*Getting louder with his laugh) Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa
J: Ah I love you.

Or John runs in and out of a room to get Jonah to laugh. See video:

     *This was at church, First Baptist Waynesboro, the funniest thing our pastor (P) has said so far.

P: Well, if you want to have church then you should come.  120 people voted to have church on Sunday nights, and we've never even come close to having 120 people come to church on a Sunday night, not even half of that!

     Then when some new people were coming up at invitation to join the church the pastor asked if anyone would "give a motion to accept them" and I said VERY LOUDLY,
"Yes!" and John puts his hand on my leg and says, "No. You're not a member. You can't do that!" LOL! Love it! I don't much care about church "membership" anyway.  The body of Christ doesn't have membership in my mind I guess. All welcome here!

     Then today a very very old man got up to pray/give invitation at the very end of the service, and this was word-for-word what he said in a nice grouchy gravely grating on his vocal cords sounding like the old dude on "Up" kind of voice:

"Today I want you to really thank thank thank thank thank God for allowing us to live in a country where we can come in worship him in his house like this.  I mean thank thank thank thank Him.  But also let us remember those troops who are out there makin' it happen. Thank thank thank thank thank God that they put their ass on the line every day to allow us to have freedoms like comin' to this very church. Thank thank thank thank thank God for this. Let us pray..."  Yeah. He said it. In church. On the microphone. Ahahahahaaa :)

     *This was in the Wal-mart parking lot a few weeks ago.

John: What if I rode on that? (referring to handicapped electric chair with large front basket)
me: Go ahead.
John: Ok then.
me: Well at least put the baby in your basket.
John: Why?
me: I don't know, you look less stupid maybe.
John: (dripping sarcasm) Yeah right.

See video:

     We really are enjoying our job. John described it to someone the other day like this: "In youth ministry, I would see kids maybe twice a week.  Here, I get to pour into the same few kids every single day through every aspect of their lives." However, sometimes we get tired.  Please join us in praying for some more House Parents.  They are in the process of hiring another set, and then they will live on the other side of the house and we will be able to get more kids and take more breaks. We are praying that they will be fully invested in this ministry for the right reasons. We are praying for wisdom and strength for them as they begin. We are praying that we would be able to develop a friendship with them, since we have to live and parent together.  Then with a set of Relief House Parents we could really work this the right way with everyone working 10 days on, 5 days off. Right now we worked 19 days on, 5 off, and we have worked 15 days on now and aren't sure when we'll get off again.  The kids aren't bad, we just sometimes need a little time away, and would like to see our families.

    We are getting used to life as House Parents! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  We miss our family and friends.  This is the most solitary I think we've ever had to live, way out in the country, almost an hour drive to a Target or a mall (between Meridian and Hattiesburg).  It's also the farthest we've ever lived from our families, but we're adjusting well.  Between phones, face time, and skype, the Nanas and Papas still get to see little man milestones.  Blessings to you all!

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